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September: Poppy Red
Monday September 15, 2014
POSTED BY: Lola Guerrero

 Chase has chosen our color of the month, a bright and fresh interpretation: Poppy red!

From top to bottom: Knotty in Queen of Hearts, Cultured Cotton in poppy, Smitten in zinnia, Embassy in flamingo, Watercolor in persimmon, Astronaut in Mars, Lunar Eclipse in tomato, and We Love Color in tomato!





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Blending Old + New: Priya
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Thursday September 11, 2014
POSTED BY: Alexandra Bruno

Straddling both the ancient and the modern worlds, our Priya is a lavishly embellished cloth. Here are some images to show how it's made!

The Pollack studio's CAD artwork, after being hand drawn

On a natural linen ground, wide bands of machine embroidery use eight colors of lustrous thread to embroider intricate vertical stripes. The fabric is then transported to a small, traditional block-printing studio, where an individual artisan carefully positions a hand-carved wooden block, over and over again, to complete the simple printed columns that separate the embroidery.

The wood block that was created for Priya

Block print registration

The completed textile comes in three colorways; silver jewelry, peacock and sari.


TAGS:  Priya, India, wood block, printing, handmade, machine embroidery, linen, jaipur
Brad & Teri In Seattle
Friday September 05, 2014
POSTED BY: Lola Guerrero

Teri Erickson, our Seattle rep, and Brad Bloom had a great time meeting with Elly Krutz of CLO DESIGN to show her the new Pollack Jaipur Collection. 

As it turned out, her hair colour matched our Shisha rose petal colored fabric!

TAGS:  Shisha, Rose petal, Magenta, Seattle, Jaipur collection
Currently Loving...
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Wednesday September 03, 2014
POSTED BY: Alexandra Bruno

...the juxtaposition of natural fibers + a touch of glam! 

Above textiles from top to bottom include Beaded Leaves in bronze, Screen Play in silver screen, Sedona in sand, Clearview in milkweed & Magic in wand. 


TAGS:  natural, glam, silver, jute, metallic, fiber
New + Classics 6: Glimpse
Friday August 29, 2014
POSTED BY: Lola Guerrero

Back to New + Classics!

These are dedicated to the soft, breezy summer we've had this year in NYC. 

First and foremost, our newest Glimpse in moonbeam on the left. Moving towards the right, we have our classics Wool Grille in flax, Shadow Silk in taupe and Animal Attraction in aluminum. 

Happy Labor Day weekend!

TAGS:  New + Classics, Mix and Match, Glimpse, Wool Grille, Shadow Silk, Animal Attraction

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