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Deity: 60 Pairs Of Hands
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Tuesday August 19, 2014
POSTED BY: Alexandra Bruno, Marketing Department

Our new handmade fabric, Deity, honors three traditional textile crafts of India - Patola cutwork, Kantha embroidery and Shisha embroidery - distilling centuries of hand skills into the lengthy and painstaking steps that go into its production. To produce this incredible cloth, the Pollack studio worked closely with a woman from Delhi named Priyae Talwar. Priyae works with craftspeople from different regions to promote and sustain their native textile traditions. Deity is the culmination of 60 pairs of hands!

Here is a picture of a jali screen and it's shadows that the girls snapped on their trip - part of the inspiration for Deity


1. Delhi: The studio of Priyae Talwar finalizes Deity’s concept and design, and supervises all stages of production.

2. Varanasi: The traditional silk and cotton ‘Patola’ cutwork layer (pictured below) is woven and hand-clipped by groups of villagers in this ancient city. 

3. Delhi: The cutwork is sent to the studio in Delhi for additional clipping, inspection and cleaning; it is then basted to the silk ground cloth.

4. Rajasthan and West Bengal: In these western and eastern Indian states, groups of women gather in workers’ homes to sew the parallel rows of ‘Kantha’ running stitch embroidery.

5. Delhi: The layered and embroidered fabric returns to the studio for inspection.

6. West Bengal: The ‘Shisha’ mirrors are embroidered with hand-guided machines in this eastern Indian state.

7. Delhi: The completed fabric returns to the studio to be cleaned, ironed, packed and shipped to Pollack.


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Jaipur + Magnetism
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Wednesday August 13, 2014
POSTED BY: Alexandra Bruno, Marketing Department

Thanks to Weitzner's Magnetism wallcovering in our NYC flagship showroom, process images and samples from our Jaipur collection are up on display!

Check back in over the next couple weeks as we show the inspiration for these unique fabrics, as well as how they're made.

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August: Copper
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Thursday August 07, 2014
POSTED BY: Alexandra Bruno, Marketing Department

This month, Jenia chooses the hot metallic hue of copper for our Color of the Month. Fabrics from top to bottom include Adorn in copper cuff, Bling in copper, Engraving in copper plate & Record in copper. 




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Fashion + Fabric: Fresh Palette
Tuesday July 29, 2014
POSTED BY: Alexandra Bruno, Marketing Department

Loving this fresh palette in this season's Burberry ad. 

Pollack fabrics clockwise beginning top right include Persueded in hydrangea, Carriage Car in Bordeaux, We Love Color in sweetgrass, Cabochon in beryl, Cultured Cotton in lavender mist, Musco in plum & Allure in lagoon.

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Bright & Beautiful
Wednesday July 16, 2014
POSTED BY: Alexandra Bruno, Marketing Department

 Our Manhattan HQ lobby is now bright, bold, and beautiful with our new Jaipur collection. 

Shisha in golden coin, indigo, mirror, rose petal & waterdrop 

Jaipur with accent fabrics

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