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Marcy Russ In Sojourn
Wednesday August 03, 2016
POSTED BY: Lola Guerrero

Our lovely sales rep Marcy Russ, of Blended Blue, is always putting her creative mind to work! Sojourn as a skirt is her latest. We love the way your mind works, Marcy!


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Thursday June 30, 2016
POSTED BY: Marketing





To enter:  1. Follow @PollackStudio on Instagram.  2. Visit to download a Pollack “Pattern Play” coloring page and color it in using the media of your choice (colored pencils, crayons, markers, etc.).  3. Snap a photo of your colored pattern.  4. Share your photo on Instagram using #PollackPlay in the description (use the hashtag #PollackKidsPlay if the pattern is colored by someone under 13 years of age). 

All entries must be submitted by August 5 at 12 midnight ET. If your account is PRIVATE, it must be made PUBLIC during the giveaway in order to be entered.

All entries will be re-posted on Pollack’s Instagram feed and reviewed by the judging panel. Winners of the #PollackPlay entries will be selected based on use of color (50%), use of medium (25%) and number of likes (25%).  Four (4) #PollackPlay prizes will be awarded in the form of $500 credit toward Pollack fabric of the winner’s choice, subject to availability. Winner of the #PollackKidsPlay entries will be selected randomly. One (1) Kids Play Prize will be awarded in the form of $50 gift card to Blick Art Materials. The winners will be announced on Instagram on August 12. 

Per Instagram rules, we must mention this is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram, Inc. By entering, entrants release Instagram of responsibility and agree to Instagram's term of use. 


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Fall 2016: Wonderland
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Tuesday June 28, 2016
POSTED BY: Maryanne Solensky

Two perfectly paired attributes – color and whimsy – bring this new collection into focus. Wonderland, the namesake shown above, is a modern take on the French toile tradition of scenic prints.  Stepping into an embroidered realm, it meets with a poetic party of whimsical animals and artifacts, all caught up in the motion of streaming vines.  On a natural linen ground, this world is drawn with nine colors of viscose and a lush mix of stitch lengths, directions and styles that shade and contour the motif.

White pairs with bright color in this lighthearted group.  From the top: Giverny, a painterly velvet, is streaked with eight colors of viscose pile that blend into a downpour of saturated, luscious color.  Voided areas reveal the ribbed ground that interrupts the dense surface with slits of woven texture.  Spontaneous and playful, Splatterwear's polyester motif is woven against a spun cotton ground.  Tweedy Pie, with an air of nonchalant luxury, weaves an exaggerated, loopy two-color bouclé with hefty, thirsty cotton chenille yarns.  With an Art Deco flair, the bold zigzag of Tipping Point celebrates the line – whether it’s drawn with dense acrylic chenille that blooms as richly as a velvet, or if it’s the finer voided line that reveals the canvas-textured ground.  The clipped and flipped herringbone graphic balances the two in a jazzy, angular rhythm.  In Clockwork, nostalgia for a world of springs and gears drove this graphic design, where silhouettes of imaginary machine parts float freely across a fine basketweave ground. 

Over a length of 63”, Analog expands its bold repeat, with block-patterned stripes stacked in an exuberant geometric motif.  Saturated colors add their own intensity as twelve weft colors combine with the two-color warp to create the vibrant palette of fifteen unique shades.  Even more tonality comes with varying weave effects, such as the delicate horizontal lines created by groups of bundled yarns.

Light glints off Hollywood and Vine's dense embroidery, shading into mercurial tones as the direction of the stitches change.  Even the doublecloth organza ground, woven of silk and polyester, adds to the glamour of this extraordinary fabric with the watery illusions created by its shifting moiré.

These new designs join our Pure label; from the top: fur-like Zsa Zsa, the epitome of drama, personality and style, is woven with loosely spun alpaca, which mimics a luxurious panné pile when its long fibers are brushed onto the surface.  Wool Inlay combines refined worsted wool, a classic dobby weave pattern and softly heathered yarn in this reversible design, suitable for either upholstery or drapery.  Alpaca Ridge offers a luxurious pile in a simple stripe of horizontal ribs, formed as the construction lays down pile in three directions.

Indoors or Out - these designs add sophisticated options for upholstery.  Peruvian Stripe and Peruvian Check are woven with solid and heathered Sunbrella® yarns in two coordinating designs, especially notable for their soft, cotton-like hand.  Choose either the stepped design, treading up and down adjacent blocks in perfect rhythmic geometry, or the upbeat horizontal stripe.  Surface and shading are the keywords for the third design, Pebble Check, which mixes colors and several Bella-Dura® yarns for an invitingly rustic texture.  A large check takes shape, defined by clear vertical lines and gradual tonal changes along the horizontal edges.  All three designs are bleach cleanable and test to 100,000 Wyzenbeek doublerubs.

A charming botanical design drawn from the archive of a French mill, Vineyard takes on a strong and graphic contemporary flair by simplifying the original art to a one-color silhouette, imbuing the line and forms with an engaging hand-drawn character and repeating the motif in a closely spaced halfdrop.  Heavy and lustrous viscose yarn works the raised needlepoint-like motif against the ground's soft striae. 

View and download press quality images.

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Hearst's Panel On Business Women
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Wednesday June 15, 2016
POSTED BY: Lola Guerrero

Rachel Doriss, our design director, participated in an energizing and motivating panel this morning at the Hearst Tower alongside Welspun's managing director Dipali Goenka and Soul Cycle's SVP of PR and brand strategy Gabby Etrog Cohen. Led by Kate Kelly Smith, vice president of Hearst Design Group, the women spoke about what empowers them as individuals, how they empower those around them and what they believe are the future steps to be taken in continuing this particular conversation.

How do you encourage collaboration at work?

"Fostering and supporting sisterhood is key!" - Dipali Goenka, Welspun

"Be open to ideas other than your own." - Rachel, Pollack

"Always start everything with 'we'." - Gabby, SoulCycle



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Pencil To Gouache
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Friday May 13, 2016
POSTED BY: Lola Guerrero

We strongly believe in the value of drawing with a pencil rather than a mouse. Besides the control it gives over the quality of the line, putting pencil to paper expresses a uniquely personal hand, and the majority of our patterns begin as hand-drawn sketches. Our designers are constantly creating work in our NYC design studio and recently, Chase decided to dip a pencil eraser into gouache paint to create a simple repeat with an improvisational touch.

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