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The Making Of Wonderland
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Thursday August 18, 2016
POSTED BY: Lola Guerrero

The namesake pattern for our Fall 2016 collection, Wonderland, was created in collaboration with Brooklyn-based artist Olivia Wendel. This contemporary toile illustrates the intersection of myth and memory. It depicts a fantastical interpretation of nature, where human objects of the past conjure up memories of lost treasures. The Pollack Studio interpreted the unique painted quality of Wendel's storytelling through individual stitches on a linen ground, creating an ultimately usable yet dynamic fabric. Available in two colorways, 'Mad Hatter' and 'Midnight in the Garden', each one depicts the scene at a very distinct time of day.

So, how did it happen? "The process came about out of a desire to create artwork that was different from the hand that we have in the Pollack Studio" says Chase. "We wanted to create a world that was both bizarre and remarkable, one that would be conceived with an unrestrained imagination. Almost immediately, we thought of Olivia Wendel, whose work personified the story that we wanted to tell". The process was extensive, as always, and involved not only Olivia and the Pollack Studio but a close collaboration with our fantastic mills, too.

When Olivia works, she does not outline a plan and sketch out her ideas with a pencil, she simply lets her imagination and her hand go on the paper. 

Once the paintings were complete, the Pollack Studio utilized our knowledge of embroidery and the capabilities of the mill to translate the paintings into a finished cloth. Chase scanned the artworks into the computer and began honing Olivia's exuberance to create the final repeat and pattern. She then determined the best stitches, yarns and ground cloth and sent the final outline off to the mill in India. 

Once the design and quality were finalized, Chase began to work on color. She found color inspiration everywhere, from traditional toiles and hand painted wallpaper, to floral arrangements and pictures of summer garden parties. 

In the end the studio chose two colorways, Mad Hatter and Midnight in the Garden, each consisting of nine yarn colors of yarn on a linen ground.

To see more of Olivia's artwork, you can visit her website, where you will also find her recently launched collection of 100% silk and wool scarves produced in Como, Italy. These incredibly stunning designs were all hand painted in her design studio in Brooklyn, NY. 

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A Breath Of Chantilly
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Monday August 08, 2016
POSTED BY: Lola Guerrero

Lisa Schmitz Interior Design in Kansas City, MO used our extra wide drapery fabric Chantilly to uplift this beautifully expansive space.

Photography by Mike Sinclair and Aaron Liemkuehler.

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National Coloring Day With #PollackPlay
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Thursday August 04, 2016
POSTED BY: Lola Guerrero

This past Tuesday, we celebrated National Coloring day at our New York City showroom, as well as the Donghia Chicago and Los Angeles showrooms with our #PollackPlay coloring book and lots of watercolor pencils and markers! You can read about how we came to the idea of creating a book out of our patterns at Go Design Go's blog.

Our #PollackPlay Instagram Coloring Challenge is coming to a close at the end of this week! Don't forget to post your work to Instagram and tag us @PollackStudio! 

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Marcy Russ In Sojourn
Wednesday August 03, 2016
POSTED BY: Lola Guerrero

Our lovely sales rep Marcy Russ, of Blended Blue, is always putting her creative mind to work! Sojourn as a skirt is her latest. We love the way your mind works, Marcy!


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Thursday June 30, 2016
POSTED BY: Marketing





To enter:  1. Follow @PollackStudio on Instagram.  2. Visit to download a Pollack “Pattern Play” coloring page and color it in using the media of your choice (colored pencils, crayons, markers, etc.).  3. Snap a photo of your colored pattern.  4. Share your photo on Instagram using #PollackPlay in the description (use the hashtag #PollackKidsPlay if the pattern is colored by someone under 13 years of age). 

All entries must be submitted by August 5 at 12 midnight ET. If your account is PRIVATE, it must be made PUBLIC during the giveaway in order to be entered.

All entries will be re-posted on Pollack’s Instagram feed and reviewed by the judging panel. Winners of the #PollackPlay entries will be selected based on use of color (50%), use of medium (25%) and number of likes (25%).  Four (4) #PollackPlay prizes will be awarded in the form of $500 credit toward Pollack fabric of the winner’s choice, subject to availability. Winner of the #PollackKidsPlay entries will be selected randomly. One (1) Kids Play Prize will be awarded in the form of $50 gift card to Blick Art Materials. The winners will be announced on Instagram on August 12. 

Per Instagram rules, we must mention this is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram, Inc. By entering, entrants release Instagram of responsibility and agree to Instagram's term of use. 


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