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The Test Of Time
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Wednesday May 20, 2015
POSTED BY: Maryanne Solensky

Spotted last month on bench seating in Marina del Rey, CA is our fabric Pinball Wizard.  Introduced in 1999 and discontinued in 2010, this fabric is still going strong.

The photo comes to us from our friend Lori Roop, who knows this pattern well. She worked on this design, and countless others, as Pollack's Assistant Design Director, until moving away from New York in 2004. She is now the Director of Design for CF Stinson.

Also starring in the photo are Lori’s kids, Atticus and his older sister Evie - who, coincidentially, was also introduced in 1999. It was a very good year!

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Shisha Shines
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Thursday April 23, 2015
POSTED BY: Lola Guerrero

We had to share this beautiful use of Shisha in rose petal, from our Jaipur collection, for an interior design project by London based Cassidy Hughes

TAGS:  Shisha, rose petal, upholstery
Almost Spring
Thursday March 26, 2015
POSTED BY: Lola Guerrero

The official day marking its beginning has passed but we are still waiting patiently for Spring. Here are Heathered FlannelJulietteFloricultureHelsinkiHeathered FlannelPing PongSashay and Watercolor to keep us all company while we wonder where Spring is. And check out our pinterest for some Spring inspiration!



TAGS:  Spring, Heathered Flannel, Juliette, Floriculture, Helsinki, Heathered Flannel, Pink Pong, Sashay, Watercolor, New York City, Pollack Fabric
Edward Wormley Lounge Chair
Friday February 27, 2015
POSTED BY: Lola Guerrero

Happy Friday!

Here's a beautiful shot of an Edward Wormley lounge chair upholstered in our reversible Steelcase Select fabric Nest. Not only is Nest a heavy upholstery fabric, it's made out of rapidly renewable contents. This means bamboo and recycled polyester, both pre and post consumer, making Nest a GREEN fabric!

TAGS:  Nest, Rapidly Renewable Content, Bamboo, Heavy Upholstery, Steelcase Select, Reversible, Edward Wormley
Casey's Pond
Friday February 20, 2015
POSTED BY: Lola Guerrero

Our fabrics Alpaca Plush, Volute and Fiddlesticks were used in Casey's Pond, an assisted living facility located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. We love the use of wood and more neutral colors in the space, giving it a relaxed, laid-back and yet uplifting energy.  

Thanks to David Patterson Photography and Beth at Lizbeth Jones Design.

TAGS:  Volute, Alpaca Plush, Fiddlesticks, Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Caseys Pond, David Patterson Photography, Lizabeth Jones Interior Design

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