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Molly's Shirt
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Friday May 29, 2015
POSTED BY: Lola Guerrero

Our junior designer, Molly Haynes, came into the office wearing her own handmade shirt!

"The shirt was handmade on a knitting machine. It is similar to a loom but has tiny needles that knit each individual stitch when you run the yarn across it. I used a special technique called “knit weaving” where I manually placed each row of the jute fiber across the bed of the machine in a way that it will weave into the knit structure. The whole thing takes about 5 hours!" 

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RISD Visits Pollack
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Thursday May 07, 2015
POSTED BY: Lola Guerrero

Rhode Island School of Design textile students came to the design studio last week to talk with Rachel about the industry and how it all works once you're out of school. Rachel also presented our most recent Rise and Shine collection and there were definitely lots of 'oohs and ahhs' happening! Our kind of audience! 

Thanks for joining us, RISD!

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Ancient Archives
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Tuesday April 28, 2015
POSTED BY: Lola Guerrero

Last week Chase, Molly and Rachel visited one of our favourite domestic partners. While down there, they got to look through their French archives consisting of stacks and piles of fabrics both paper and woven, dating back to the beginning of the century. Our design team was in awe!

Warp bobbins as far as the eye can see! These yarns are on a structure called a creel which holds the bobbins while a giant warp is being spun. 

Rainbow warp yarns running off the creel to the velvet loom.

Jacquard loom.

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Checking In With Liz Collins
Wednesday October 22, 2014
POSTED BY: AlexandraB

Here are some cool images of some of Liz's development with the mill that weaves our Aphrodite and Zeus

Liz with Paola from the mill. 

Liz and Rachel hanging out


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Blending Old + New: Priya
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Thursday September 11, 2014
POSTED BY: Alexandra Bruno

Straddling both the ancient and the modern worlds, our Priya is a lavishly embellished cloth. Here are some images to show how it's made!

The Pollack studio's CAD artwork, after being hand drawn

On a natural linen ground, wide bands of machine embroidery use eight colors of lustrous thread to embroider intricate vertical stripes. The fabric is then transported to a small, traditional block-printing studio, where an individual artisan carefully positions a hand-carved wooden block, over and over again, to complete the simple printed columns that separate the embroidery.

The wood block that was created for Priya

Block print registration

The completed textile comes in three colorways; silver jewelry, peacock and sari.


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