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More On Matt!
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Thursday August 01, 2013
POSTED BY: Alexandra Bruno, Marketing Department

You've seen Matt and his style - now it's time to learn more about him!

Name: Matt Bobbins

Hometown: Colonia, NJ

University: SCAD

Studying: Fibers 


Hobbies  |  Listening to traditional Eastern music, weaving, learning languages, expanding philosophically, dreaming.

Why POLLACK   Why not? It feels like a perfect fit: unbelievable use of materials and techniques, many different styles of cloth. I love textiles and so I can’t imagine anywhere else!

Impressions of NYC  |  I grew up in New Jersey and my father works here, so the city has always been a second home. I love the fast paced environment, tall buildings - I feel like I’m a part of something huge.

Favorite design style  |   Traditional Indian and Chinese, Peruvian (pre-Colombian) aboriginal, Japanese street style, geometric and op art, mech/tech, Coptic & Sassanian.

How will your internship affect your coursework     I’m already learning a lot of different structures, materials and techniques. I can only imagine how my weavings and creations will turnout with the worldly influence Pollack is giving me.

Any favorite POLLACK fabrics  |   Hard to chose! Maybe new Interplay or some of the other sheers and lenos – but don’t hold me to just that! 

 Interplay by Pollack Interplay by Pollack

Interplay in shooting star & moonbeam.

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From One Adorable Bear To The Next
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Monday July 29, 2013
POSTED BY: Alexandra Bruno, Marketing Department

Check out this adorable bear that Jenia made for one of our Australian representatives new baby boy! She made the snuggly friend using various POLLACK and Weitzner fabrics. He is quite photogenic!

and here is the cute little recipient, Hector! 

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Meet Kym!
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Wednesday July 17, 2013
POSTED BY: Alexandra Bruno, Marketing Department


Name: Kimberly Cox

Hometown: South Bend, WA 

University: Washington State University

Studying: Interior Design 



Hobbies  |  Collecting coffee mugs around the world, reading, drawing & designing. 

Why POLLACK  |  I got introduced to POLLACK through the company's VP of Sales, Brad Bloom (who is amazing!) Learning more about the textile industry will help me in my future career as an [interior] designer. 

Impressions of NYC  |  I LOVE the atmosphere, all of the things to see and do, how every day is a new and exciting experience.

Favorite design style  |   My personal favorite is rustic with a hint of chic.

How will your internship affect your coursework   |   I had little experience with textiles and materials before I started my internship in June. Being able to see the process of designing and developing the product at the POLLACK headquarters along with working up in the showroom at the D&D a couple days during the week gives me multiple perspectives. Having the privilege of seeing both aspects of a company is very informative and also extremely beneficial to my internship experience. 

Any favorite POLLACK fabrics  |   If I had to chose, I would go with BewitchedDottie, and Spring Shower!

   Spring Shower by Pollack


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Meet (Creative!) Matt
Monday July 01, 2013
POSTED BY: Alexandra Bruno, Marketing Department

Meet our design intern Matt, and his fabulous outfit! Matt wove his own pants and also made his necklace. Stay tuned to learn more about the awesome/inventive interns we are thankful to have working with us this summer! 

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Final Stop: Singapore
Monday March 18, 2013
POSTED BY: Alexandra Bruno, Marketing Department

Last stop for Brad and Susan - Singapore! Here are some photos from their visit to TD Fabrics, our representative in Singapore.


We love the neat way they sample fabrics! 


Brad with the gang

Next, the incredible Marina Bay Sands Hotel & Casino in Singapore.

The amazing metal cladding looks beautiful when blowing in the wind


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