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Fall 2016: Wonderland
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Tuesday June 28, 2016
POSTED BY: Maryanne Solensky

Two perfectly paired attributes – color and whimsy – bring this new collection into focus. Wonderland, the namesake shown above, is a modern take on the French toile tradition of scenic prints.  Stepping into an embroidered realm, it meets with a poetic party of whimsical animals and artifacts, all caught up in the motion of streaming vines.  On a natural linen ground, this world is drawn with nine colors of viscose and a lush mix of stitch lengths, directions and styles that shade and contour the motif.

White pairs with bright color in this lighthearted group.  From the top: Giverny, a painterly velvet, is streaked with eight colors of viscose pile that blend into a downpour of saturated, luscious color.  Voided areas reveal the ribbed ground that interrupts the dense surface with slits of woven texture.  Spontaneous and playful, Splatterwear's polyester motif is woven against a spun cotton ground.  Tweedy Pie, with an air of nonchalant luxury, weaves an exaggerated, loopy two-color bouclé with hefty, thirsty cotton chenille yarns.  With an Art Deco flair, the bold zigzag of Tipping Point celebrates the line – whether it’s drawn with dense acrylic chenille that blooms as richly as a velvet, or if it’s the finer voided line that reveals the canvas-textured ground.  The clipped and flipped herringbone graphic balances the two in a jazzy, angular rhythm.  In Clockwork, nostalgia for a world of springs and gears drove this graphic design, where silhouettes of imaginary machine parts float freely across a fine basketweave ground. 

Over a length of 63”, Analog expands its bold repeat, with block-patterned stripes stacked in an exuberant geometric motif.  Saturated colors add their own intensity as twelve weft colors combine with the two-color warp to create the vibrant palette of fifteen unique shades.  Even more tonality comes with varying weave effects, such as the delicate horizontal lines created by groups of bundled yarns.

Light glints off Hollywood and Vine's dense embroidery, shading into mercurial tones as the direction of the stitches change.  Even the doublecloth organza ground, woven of silk and polyester, adds to the glamour of this extraordinary fabric with the watery illusions created by its shifting moiré.

These new designs join our Pure label; from the top: fur-like Zsa Zsa, the epitome of drama, personality and style, is woven with loosely spun alpaca, which mimics a luxurious panné pile when its long fibers are brushed onto the surface.  Wool Inlay combines refined worsted wool, a classic dobby weave pattern and softly heathered yarn in this reversible design, suitable for either upholstery or drapery.  Alpaca Ridge offers a luxurious pile in a simple stripe of horizontal ribs, formed as the construction lays down pile in three directions.

Indoors or Out - these designs add sophisticated options for upholstery.  Peruvian Stripe and Peruvian Check are woven with solid and heathered Sunbrella® yarns in two coordinating designs, especially notable for their soft, cotton-like hand.  Choose either the stepped design, treading up and down adjacent blocks in perfect rhythmic geometry, or the upbeat horizontal stripe.  Surface and shading are the keywords for the third design, Pebble Check, which mixes colors and several Bella-Dura® yarns for an invitingly rustic texture.  A large check takes shape, defined by clear vertical lines and gradual tonal changes along the horizontal edges.  All three designs are bleach cleanable and test to 100,000 Wyzenbeek doublerubs.

A charming botanical design drawn from the archive of a French mill, Vineyard takes on a strong and graphic contemporary flair by simplifying the original art to a one-color silhouette, imbuing the line and forms with an engaging hand-drawn character and repeating the motif in a closely spaced halfdrop.  Heavy and lustrous viscose yarn works the raised needlepoint-like motif against the ground's soft striae. 

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Spring 2016: Weave On
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Tuesday February 09, 2016
POSTED BY: Maryanne Solensky

Fans of Americana will recognize our homage to traditional hand-woven dobby coverlets in this collection’s namesake, Weave On, above.  Emphasizing structure and weight, the warp and weft yarns weave in bundles of two to create this timeless geometric motif.  Three colors define a bold, contemporary plaid, accented with single horizontal and vertical rows of a fourth color.

A group from this collection’s blue palette, from the top:  Chime’s rippling motif, so apt for a window fabric, shades from strong forms to faint shadows and is printed on a textured linen and polyester ground.  Eliza extravagantly covers a dense, canvas-weight linen with embroidered circles, matte and lustrous, that align in concentric squares.  Speckle, an existing pattern, broadens its appeal with additional colors.  Sergio sticks to basics in its simple and exaggerated weave structure, allowing the quality of several novelty yarns to be the focus of this tactile design.  Taza translates a primitive Moroccan design traditionally seen in Beni Ourain shag rugs into a refined velvet, touched with a rustic appeal.


Grace (left) poses wide stripes of an elegant multi-yarn striae, varying in color, luster and weight, against equally broad bands of a linen and cotton ground;  an aerial feat of sorts, our double-width Flying Trapeze alternates two filling yarns, with different weights and degrees of shine, to weave crisp geometric columns, layering their rhythm and varied opacity on this sophisticated window fabric.

Our Pure label is represented in this photo, starting at the top with Archaeology.  This silk Jacquard captures an elegant stillness with delicate motifs scattered across its burnished surface like remnants of fossils cast in stone.  Luxe Alpaca opts for a lush approach, with a dense pile that coats the cotton ground with an extravagant fur-like velvet.   The linear graphics of Silken Crossroads, a reversible design, are gently diffused as the lightest and darkest values shift from one to the other through steps of subtle shading.  This lovely soft pink is one of several new colors of Heathered Flannel, an apparel quality and upholstery caliber wool, woven in a fine twill construction.   Flaxen Field grounds this group with the warp’s earthy strands of natural linen, a simple basketweave framework and a uniquely color-rich, multi-fiber novelty yarn in the weft.

The intriguing design of Moon Dance, a double-width window fabric, is printed on the ground cloth with a chemical that ‘burns out’ the natural fibers.  After washing, only the clustered motif of graduated moons remains, with just the sheer filaments of polyester left within the orbs.

Four new designs, all testing to 100,000 double-rubs, join our High Performance / Bleach Cleanable group, from the left:  the glint of metal works its way through Gifted’s contemporary version of a flame stitch.  Coral from the pristine beaches of Vieques takes on a new life in this design’s finely articulated drawing.  Ikebana renders a classic kimono motif of stylized blossoms, with arcing lines forming gracefully overlapping circles.  Polyester chenille blooms on the face of Thoroughfare’s striped design, a welcome texture in this hard working group. 

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TAGS:  Weave On, Chime, Eliza, Speckle, Sergio, Taza, Grace, Flying Trapeze, Archaeology, Luxe Alpaca, Silken Crossroads, Heathered Flannel, Flaxen Field, Moon Dance, Gifted, Vieques, Ikebana, Thoroughfare
Fall 2015: Fusion
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Tuesday June 23, 2015
POSTED BY: Maryanne Solensky

One of the freshest surprises in this collection is the color pink, starring in the sophisticated group above.  At its most demure in our velvet Sedan Plush, this color pushes the offbeat geometry of Color Guard, a painterly block design of various weaves, in a particularly modern direction.  The color deepens in Bedford, a beautifully scaled plaid, where it’s paired with grey and white - the two tones that also brush Cobble Hill’s casual surface with the random variations of mélange yarns.

This group literally piles pattern on top of pattern!  From the top: The Joy of Hex, a hexagonal motif of matte and lustrous yarns, horizontally striped with bands of color; Magic Eye Velvet, a supple panné velvet striped with the tones of two space-dyed yarns; Color Guard, a finely woven geometric with various weave effects; Engagement, a lush and curvaceous voided velvet; Striptease, a richly textured surface woven with strips of burnished faux-leather; Alloy (background), this perennial favorite - softly metallic and crosshatched with color - welcomes six new colorways.

With an intricate play of color and luster, the strong, classic shapes of The Joy of Hex take on a boldly animated and graphic quality.

West Coast earns its casual creds by weaving multi-fiber bouclé yarns - one heathered, one just white - in the warp and weft, washing the textured surface with fresh, clean tones.  The second pattern in this cheerful duo is Zinnia, a hand-drawn motif, floral yet tailored, woven with a thick-and-thin viscose yarn against a finely checkered ground.

Sunrise Linen weaves four weft colors against a white warp, transitioning in a gentle rhythm from pinstripes to denser areas of color, finely mixing individual picks of color in a large, airy repeat.

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TAGS:  Color Guard, Sunrise Linen, The Joy of Hex, Zinnia, West Coast, Cobble Hill, Bedford, Sedan Plush, Striptease, Engagement, Magic Eye Velvet
Spring 2015: Rise And Shine
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Wednesday January 28, 2015
POSTED BY: Maryanne Solensky

This snapshot of our new collection offers a tempting range of patterns and surfaces - from the extravagant floral embroidery of Juliette, to the random, feathery motif of Plume, from the spare discipline of Spotted Wool, to the gently waving lines of Rise and Shine, and finally the striking Deco geometry of Prodigy.

Another group shot, this one gathers colorways that explore rich blue-green tones:  Riddle employs an intricate construction to create its raised grid and complex graphics, chenille frosts Rise and Shine with a velvet-like refinement, Raphael turns silk and linen yarns into a marbleized field of color, Prodigy combines glistening satin with bands detailed with tiny dots and Plushcious (from the Jaipur collection) offers lush columns of dense cotton pile.  

Two reversible worsted wool coordinates, Double Faced Wool and Spotted Wool, revel in the beauty of sophisticated mélange yarns and the softness of a fine flannel finish.  Both are part of our Pure Collection.

An emphasis on bold graphics continues with Game On, as a heavy novelty yarn simulates the precision of a needlework design. Nuanced color, created as two slightly different tones weave together, softens the playful geometry with a gentle striae.

Helsinki combines clear, fresh color with a delightfully naïve drawing to map out a charming linear landscape.


Painted Velvet joins Double Faced Wool and Spotted Wool in this sophisticated palette.  This unique velvet paints eighteen colors across its expansive striae and brushes the surface with a complex pattern of cut and loop pile.

Though Juliette's large-scale floral design is traditional, its unique embroidery is anything but!  In a deftly contemporary treatment, long floats fill the shapes and curve to mimic them in a light, feathery texture.

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TAGS:  Rise and Shine, Spotted Wool, Game On, Helsinki, Juliette, Painted Velvet
Fall 2014: Jaipur
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Tuesday July 01, 2014
POSTED BY: Maryanne Solensky

The four striking patterns shown above offer a tantalizing glimpse of India’s past and present textile traditions.  Priya combines both with hand-printed wood block motifs and detailed, multi-color machine embroidery, stitched with state-of-the-art equipment.  Deity uniquely combines the legendary Kantha embroidery with a hand-clipped layer and embroidered mirrors.  India's iconic grill motif continues in Jaipur and Shisha, with a hint of the exotic underlying their very modern fibers, coloring and effect.

Our Pure fabric line adds four new designs: Knotty goes for spot on color and extravagant texture, Highland Striae crisply tailors the window with fine, dry wool and linen yarns, Challis Field adds a shifting twill weave to a seductive challis and Feathered Flax weaves a softly tonal warp in a relaxed herringbone construction.

Katachi is a uniquely layered window fabric that adheres translucent linen-fiber paper to gauze in a hand screen-printing process that also imprints the color and the abstract pattern.  A final washing removes the unprinted paper and reveals the fibrous motif against the fine linen scrim.

Painterly gestures brush large swathes of transparent, graduated hues, mixing two warp colors with seven different filling yarns to achieve Watercolor’s complex range of tones, luster and texture.

Two fashionable, fun and sophisticated textiles broaden the options in our High Performance / Bleach Cleanable group.  Lunar Eclipse alternates weaves and yarns to stripe the ground and craft the moons and half-moons that crowd the field.  Rustique turns to heathered color and a simple basketweave-like construction to show off the soft tonal variations of its thin and heavy yarns.

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TAGS:  Jaipur Collection, Priya, Deity, Jaipur, Shisha, Knotty, Highland Striae, Challis Field, Feathered Flax, Katachi, Watercolor, Lunar Eclipse, Rustique, Textiles

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