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Fall 2014: Jaipur
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Tuesday July 01, 2014
POSTED BY: Maryanne Solensky

The four striking patterns shown above offer a tantalizing glimpse of India’s past and present textile traditions.  Priya combines both with hand-printed wood block motifs and detailed, multi-color machine embroidery, stitched with state-of-the-art equipment.  Deity uniquely combines the legendary Kantha embroidery with a hand-clipped layer and embroidered mirrors.  India's iconic grill motif continues in Jaipur and Shisha, with a hint of the exotic underlying their very modern fibers, coloring and effect.

Our Pure fabric line adds four new designs: Knotty goes for spot on color and extravagant texture, Highland Striae crisply tailors the window with fine, dry wool and linen yarns, Challis Field adds a shifting twill weave to a seductive challis and Feathered Flax weaves a softly tonal warp in a relaxed herringbone construction.

Katachi is a uniquely layered window fabric that adheres translucent linen-fiber paper to gauze in a hand screen-printing process that also imprints the color and the abstract pattern.  A final washing removes the unprinted paper and reveals the fibrous motif against the fine linen scrim.

Painterly gestures brush large swathes of transparent, graduated hues, mixing two warp colors with seven different filling yarns to achieve Watercolor’s complex range of tones, luster and texture.

Two fashionable, fun and sophisticated textiles broaden the options in our High Performance / Bleach Cleanable group.  Lunar Eclipse alternates weaves and yarns to stripe the ground and craft the moons and half-moons that crowd the field.  Rustique turns to heathered color and a simple basketweave-like construction to show off the soft tonal variations of its thin and heavy yarns.

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Spring 2014: The Dashing Collection
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Tuesday January 21, 2014
POSTED BY: Maryanne Solensky

Like a wide linked cuff of silver or gold, Adorn (above) is jewelry for interiors.  On a dense, felted wool ground, two colors of viscose embroidery stitch wide, symmetrical panels, multiplying the lustrous color effect simply by changing direction.

A unique collaboration with the Coral & Tusk studio brings their magical imagery to the interiors market.  In Circus Toile, delicate stitches translate exquisitely fine line drawings onto a natural linen ground, depicting four charmingly imaginary circus vignettes.  Circus Stripe coordinates with a vertically striped pattern embroidered in clear, fresh colors.

A Coral & Tusk signature motif, finely drawn feathers are faithfully recreated in Quill with long, delicate stitches that follow the shape of each form.   Circus Stripe coordinates with bands of fresh, clear color.

Gently filtering light with an elegantly scaled motif, Honeycomb Sheer is double width, reversible and woven with Trevira fibers.  Two filling yarns, one a linen-like slub yarn and the other boasting a high sheen,  color the pattern and create a lovely, shifting moiré, while a weave change encourages puckering in the vertical elements.

Bursting into full, extravagant bloom, our Peony is an exercise in pointillism, with fields of viscose- embroidered ovals defining the shapes against a silk douppioni ground.  Each colorway uses eight embroidery colors, with the dots themselves intricately toned, and each leaf and petal shading from the center to the outer edge.

Tufts of viscose pile dot the surface of Whirl, aligning in orderly concentric circles and filling the spaces in between.  Their varied size and irregular spacing counters the precision of the larger pattern, infusing the design with an unstructured element, as does the organic shading of the panné.

Six new High Performance / Bleach Cleanable patterns form a beautifully balanced group of designs, textures and fibers.  Petal Pusher is a playful yet sophisticated field of abstracted blooms, Record is a finely embossed faux leather, Kinetic uses a fine boucle yarn for its detailed drawing, Knot Tonight brings the classic geometry of an endless knot motif to the group, Fine and Dandy introduces a graceful, damask-like pattern and Reverb sends out waves of irregular shapes in its organic design.

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TAGS:  Dashing Collection, Petal Pusher, Record, Kinetic, Knot Tonight, Reverb, Coral & Tusk, Circus Toile, Circus Stripe, Quill
Fall 2013: The Makers Collection
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Monday August 26, 2013
POSTED BY: Maryanne Solensky, Marketing Department

After two years and countless meetings, a unique collaboration between five established artists and the Pollack Studio has produced the thirteen distinctive fabrics of this collection.  Working in diverse fields, these makers each brought their unique vision to the process of designing textiles.  The results are rich in thought and materials; they are complex and innovative; they are beautiful and diverse.

Jeweler and metalsmith Klaus Bürgel (above), is inspired by the sensual properties of gold and silver in designing his graceful, elemental brooches.  Our richly embroidered Jacquard, Calligraphy (above), and delicate window fabric, Skywriting, take their cues from the dimensional piece shown, while Bling turns to metallic Lurex to convey the delicacy of a flat, web-like brooch.  (

Drawing on the techniques of boat building, Matthias Pliessnig bends strips of wood into sinuous, kinetic forms of sculptural seating. Odalisque (above) started with Matthias’ drawing of a skeletal boat parting water as it moves through it and displays the ribbed structure that pervades his work. Interplay approaches his complex craftsmanship in an equally intriguing window fabric.  (

Our fabric Beam translates the irregular forms on Katherine Gray’s milky vase, created specifically for this project, into an equally transparent layered motif.  Glass plates that she also made became the inspiration for Mirror Mirror, a holographic faux-leather design, and Reflector, a woven crystalline surface.  (

Nathan Craven designs and extrudes unique and playful clay forms, which then become the ‘bricks’ of his novel installations.  Odyssey, shown here, translates these eccentric shapes into a densely spaced voided velvet design, while Wacky floats simplified silhouettes on a textured ground.  (

Manipulating materials is at the core of Liz Collins' approach to fashion design, and Zeus, shown above, embraces that approach wholeheartedly.  This dramatic window fabric combines a wide range of yarns and construction techniques to achieve its commanding presence.  Also inspired by Liz’s work are two other innovative window fabrics, Aphrodite and X-Rated.  (

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TAGS:  Makers Collection, Calligraphy, Skywriting, Bling, Odalisque, Interplay, Beam, Mirror Mirror, Reflector, Odyssey, Wacky, Zeus, Aphrodite, X-Rated, Klaus Burgel, Matthias Pliessnig, Katherine Gray, Nathan Craven, Liz Collins
The We Love Color Collection
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Wednesday January 16, 2013
POSTED BY: Maryanne Solensky, Marketing Department

Color runs the gamut in the trio of unique surfaces shown above.  The twisted yarn used in We Love Color brushes the surface with faint vertical strokes of tone-on-tone color.  Cultured Cotton’s simple equation is that very fine mercerized cotton yarns, a warp satin construction, double width looms and a long, refined color line equals the essential, affordable window fabric.  And Carriage Car, with the appeal of a cotton velvet, offers a dense all-polyester pile, combed with delicate horizontal voids.

Exuberant texture in clear colors is the theme of these two like-minded upholstery patterns.  Dottie takes the optical route, with rows of dimensional matelasse dots aligned in a lustrous grid on a corded cotton ground.  Do Si Do turns to a lively boucle yarn to weave its soft, nubby surface.

Embroidery acts as an artist’s tool in Etched Floral, sketching confident strokes of metallic color on a douppioni ground, working stitches that change direction to follow a shape, and drawing abstract forms that assemble into flowers and fill the remaining space.  In the end, the surface becomes a remarkably evanescent experience of light and shadow.

Technology reveals it’s flare for drama in Ruffle, a fascinating window fabric.  It starts simply enough, with two layers of fabric- one, a bare whisper of nylon organza, the second, a reflective polyester taffeta.  The two are embroidered together at regular intervals with sinuous lines of stitching, while a laser cuts only the taffeta into wide vertical ribbons that seem to hang freely in the air.

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TAGS:  We Love Color, Cultured Cotton, Carriage Car, Dottie, Do Si Do, Etched Floral, Ruffle, Studly
The Ace Collection
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Tuesday July 24, 2012
POSTED BY: Maryanne Solensky, Marketing department

The collection namesake, Ace, is featured in the photo above.  This striking geometric design weaves its lustrous polyester motif against a finely detailed wool and cotton ground. 

Also shown is RakuLike the crackled glaze of many traditional Japanese ceramics, it is etched by two weft yarns with an intricate network of lines.  A finely-scaled cotton bouclé yarn dominates the face, which is veined with a straight cotton yarn; these yarns switch positions on the reverse side for a subtly different color effect.

With suave good looks and an irresistible appeal, Linearity weaves richly heathered yarns - an intimate blend of worsted wool and polyester - into a rhythmic asymmetrical stripe.  An all-wool yarn punctuates the design with narrow bands of saturated color.

In Mix Tape, two colors of laser-cut polyester ribbon form an open network of interlocking and curving lines. This fascinating structure relies on an equally intricate appliqué construction, where a water soluble ground is dissolved in finishing, leaving the single line of stitching to hold this dramatic fabric together.  

A common simplicity and refinement unites these five new additions to the PURE line.  Each brings a unique fiber, weave and surface to this coordinated group of luxurious textiles.

Alpaca yarns account for the luxurious softness of Alpaca Plush, woven in a refined tone-on-tone Jacquard design.

Supple and understated, with a gentle and detailed vertical movement, Feathered Silk is a sophisticated combination of fine silk and linen yarns.

In a tailored menswear apparel quality, Lambswool Plaid weaves heathered yarns in a classic, yet subtly updated, tattersall plaid.

Pointillist Matelasse, with its elegantly simple quilted effect, boasts a diminutive geometric pattern, polished with the sheen of a finely spun mercerized cotton yarn.

Graduated circles plot an airy geometric grid on this window fabric, embroidering the tussah silk ground of Plangi Embroidery with delicate eyelet openings.

A single yarn color embroiders Resplendence, this lush and romantic design, on a silk douppioni ground.  Using either horizontal or vertical stitches in alternate columns creates a magical two-tone effect that shifts with the direction of the light.

Like a carefully assembled collage of randomly cut shapes, Snippet  arranges textured forms across a smooth polyester surface.  An effective cross between a geometric and an organic design, Snippet’s playful motif rises slightly above the ground, courtesy of the heavy viscose yarn that weaves its elements.

High resolution files of these images are available in our Editorial Gallery.


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