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Rags To Richesse
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Monday October 04, 2010
POSTED BY: Jenia Myakov, Designer

A couple of months ago, I went to see “Rags to Richesse: Rugs from Morocco” exhibition in the Cavin-Morris gallery in Chelsea.

When I walked into the gallery, I saw the large gallery room completely taken up – the floor and the walls were covered in rugs. The rugs are made in Morocco by women, but these were not traditional rugs at all. Usually, rugs are made using yarn to create the pile. These rugs were made using recycled cloths. Anything and everything was used here -- from colorful flowery cotton prints (skirts? table cloths?) to synthetic lacy rags (underwear??) to lurex and spandex. Some rugs were multi-colored, some – very tonal. But all were beautiful. Leaving the exhibit, I immediately wanted to jump on Craigslist in search of a floor loom.

Detailed information about the exhibit is available on the gallery website