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New York: A Visual Feast
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Monday February 06, 2012
POSTED BY: Mark Pollack

I was walking around the Chelsea gallery district on Saturday and came across this lively bit of street art. I am sure that some of it dates back to the days when the area was nothing more than taxi garages, before the galleries moved in from Soho, though urban archeologists could probably affix a more precise date to each layer.

Although I can not condone the defacement of public property (though in this case an abandoned warehouse), it is precisely this type of imagery that makes living in NYC the visual feast that it is.

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An Exquisite Coat For RISD
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Wednesday February 01, 2012
POSTED BY: Alexandra Bruno, Marketing Department

Since 2002, POLLACK has introduced two collections, Attention to Detail and Women's Work in collaboration with the RISD Museum drawing from its substantial and high quality collection of apparel and textiles.  While Mark Pollack (a RISD textile design graduate) has been an avid supporter of the school for years and POLLACK supports the museum though royalties based on the sales of the fabrics in the above collections, he felt it was time that he personally start supporting the museum as well.

“It’s a teaching museum—the students have great access to its collections—so when I find a garment I like, think the students might benefit from seeing and think the museum might like because it fills a void in its collection, I will get it for the museum. It has to be an interesting garment design and utilize an interesting fabric so that it can be studied by both apparel design and textile design students.”

Very recently, Mark donated another article of clothing which was accepted into the museum’s collection– an amazing warp-printed Jacquard-woven coat, designed by the late Ronald Amey. He found this coat in a vintage clothing store in Soho, one that he had passed for years but never went into.

“The coat had just gone up in the store’s window and it just seemed to call my name as I walked by on my way to meet friends for dinner. It’s not a direction I normally go in after leaving work, so the timing couldn’t have been any better; I’m sure it would not have lasted long being so prominently featured.  I had a great talk with the woman shopsitting for the owner.  She had a lot of style and enthusiasm for the clothing – a real old-time fashion industry New Yorker. In the course of our conversation I found out that she had been a designer herself back in the day, and her husband was well known in our industry working for one of our competitors. Small world.


Mark described his first glance at the garment “like seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time – it took my breath away”. The cut is a quintessential early 70’s “swing coat” with side seam pockets, and the high double-breasted closing is right out of that era – everyone from Carnaby Street designers to higher-end designers like Courreges and Cardin were doing the same thing.  The details are superb (look at those buttons!), exactly what you would expect from a made-to-order garment from that time.

"It happens to be one of the most unique fabrics I’ve seen for women’s daywear. It’s a wacky combination of a large-scale abstract painterly warp-print, on wool no less, and a small-scale fairly formal “floral” in a matelasse construction. It’s a real fabric person’s fabric.”

Ronald Amey (1932-1986), was known for his use of interesting materials and sensational bold patterns. He collaborated many times with textile designer Tzaims Luksus on some dramatic patterns, including paisleys combined with bold stripes. Luksus, the first person to be awarded the famed Coty Award for fabric design, often worked two or three years on the design, construction, and presentation of his fabrics before offering them to any fashion designer.  We wouldn’t be surprised if this coat, which now lives in the RISD museum, is one of those collaboration pieces!

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Rachel Visits "Multiple Stitches"
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Monday November 21, 2011
POSTED BY: Alexandra Bruno, Marketing Department

This past weekend, Rachel saw a really inspiring show at the Lyons Wier Gallery in Chelsea.

The artist is Cayce Zavaglia and her exhibition "Multiple Stitches", which is comprised of various embroidered portraits, opened this past Thursday.  Zavaglia has developed a technique that has been described as "Modern Pointillism", which allows her to blend colors and establish tonalities that truly resemble the techniques in classic oil painting.

At first, Rachel thought the portraits were painted, but once she looked closer she realized they were created with stitches. "Up close, you can really see how dense and built up the embroidery is. Her subtle use of color was beautiful, for example, she has chosen the perfect color to create a highlight on a cheekbone that helps bring the portrait to life - quite amazing".

The show will continue until December 17th and is completely worth the trip.


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Designer Off Duty: Mark Pollack
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Wednesday June 22, 2011
POSTED BY: Alyssa Reeder, Marketing Department

Last night I went to a trunk show of my friend Janis Provisor’s new beaded jewelry. It was held at her friend’s apartment on upper Fifth Avenue, with gorgeous views of Central Park as the sun was setting. Equally gorgeous to the view, were the interiors of the apartment, by the New York design firm, Shelton Mindel. Janis’s jewelry is noted for its beautiful and unexpected use of color, mix of materials and quirky asymmetrical arrangement of beads. Thinking of her work in terms of fabric, it’s everything we try to do with yarn, weave structures and pattern. The necklaces were displayed in black sand on the dining room table, with the setting sun raking across the tabletop, illuminating the beads. I managed to coax a mutual friend to model one of my favorites (pictured above). Aside from her jewelry line, Janis is the owner of and designer for (with her husband Brad Davis) Fort Street Studio , a line of hand-knotted wild silk rugs made in China. The rugs are exquisite, and if you've never seen them in person, looking online will only be a tease; the original water color-based designs are sublime, and there is nothing like walking on them barefoot. If I had a bigger apartment, I would have a FSS rug in every room. But for now, I must settle for an ad of my favorite tacked to the bulletin board in my office.Janis and Brad are great to spend time with, but it’s also great having friends whose work I admire and can learn so much from.  -Mark

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Jenia's Neocon Photo Diary!
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Friday June 17, 2011
POSTED BY: Alyssa Reeder, Marketing

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