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Brad Update!
Friday August 22, 2014
POSTED BY: Lola Guerrero

Brad had a great presentation with the design team at Sarah Catherine Collective in Charlotte, NC!


By chance, each designer was wearing a color that matched all three colors of Pollack's new Priya hand blocked fabric from India. Note Brad's trendy glasses (on loan from the designers) doesn't match a thing! 

Designers from left to right: Misty Miles, Raven Watt, Tiffany McNeely, and the bald guy is Brad.

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Sunny LA
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Thursday February 13, 2014
POSTED BY: Alexandra Bruno

The latest from our favorite, Brad -- 

"Today was a glorious February day doing sales calls in sunny and warm LA (sorry cold NYC & ATL!) with 8 month pregnant rep Alexis! "

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On The Road With Bleach Cleanables!
Wednesday August 07, 2013
POSTED BY: Alexandra Bruno, Marketing Department


The design team at the University of Missouri at Columbia loved our new Bleach Cleanable fabrics and will be using Floriculture in the Dean's office! Notice they are each holding a fabric that matches their outfits!

All 10 colorways of Floriculture

Check out the other designs here

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Art + Museum Day Around NYC
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Monday April 08, 2013
POSTED BY: Alexandra Bruno, Marketing Department
My Easter weekend was spent in NYC enjoying amazing weather and taking in a number of art galleries and museums. The weekend started off meeting Leah and Justin from Pollack/Weitzner at Grand Central to see the Nick Cave performance piece. Cave is an incredibly talented fabric sculptor, dancer & performance artist. He is from JeffersonMissouri and studied at the Kansas City Art Institute & Cranbrook

Next, off to see various exhibitions at the Museum of Arts + DesignAmerican artist Michael Aschenbrenner creates glass sculptures inspired from his service in the Vietnam war when he broke his leg at 18 years of age. By chance, I own five pieces that are displayed in my guest room in Kansas City! 
You can read more about this exhibition, Playing with Fire, here
Below is a wood cut birch plywood (57 layers) corner table by Netherlands artist Eron Verhoeven. 
 Three glass panels by American artist Peter Bynum
 Amazing wood veneered textiles by Elisa Strozyk (Germany)
Justin, Leah and I also went to the Asian Pacific American Institution at NYU to see works by Roger Shimonura who is from my home town of Lawrence, Kansas. Shimonura is a retired professor of painting from The University of Kansas where I studied Textiles Design.
At the end of the day, this Easter bunny-eared dog had a group of us standing on the street taking pictures of him! 

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Leather Handles & Jelly Beans!
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Thursday March 28, 2013
POSTED BY: Alexandra Bruno, Marketing Department

This morning, Brad surprised our marketing team with these cute mason jars complete with amazing removable leather handles!  They were filled with tasty gourmet jelly beans (a major bonus!). He found them at a great coffee shop, Kafka's Coffee & Tea in Vancouver, which he highly recommends! 

Some of the very nice employees Brad met

Our gifts!


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