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New + Classics 8: Game On
Thursday March 05, 2015
POSTED BY: Lola Guerrero

It's time for the return of New + Classics, mini stories created combining older "classic" fabrics with new introductions, this time with our favourite pairings from this Spring's Rise and Shine Collection!

From left to right, Do Si Do, Sneak Peek, Persueded and finally, Game On, new and available in five colorways (see below)!



TAGS:  Game On, Persueded, Sneak Peek, Do Si Do, Black and Whites, Pollack, New and classics
New + Classics 7: Marble Screen
Thursday December 18, 2014
POSTED BY: Lola Guerrero

In the theme of black and white, this round of New + Classics includes our latest collection Jaipur as the star before our Spring 2015 collection launches.

Pictured from bottom to top: Our newest Marble Screen in granite, followed by Landscape in salt and pepper, Beam in keyboard and Sway in limousine.

TAGS:  new + classics, black & white, marble screen, sway, beam, landscape
New + Classics 6: Glimpse
Friday August 29, 2014
POSTED BY: Lola Guerrero

Back to New + Classics!

These are dedicated to the soft, breezy summer we've had this year in NYC. 

First and foremost, our newest Glimpse in moonbeam on the left. Moving towards the right, we have our classics Wool Grille in flax, Shadow Silk in taupe and Animal Attraction in aluminum. 

Happy Labor Day weekend!

TAGS:  New + Classics, Mix and Match, Glimpse, Wool Grille, Shadow Silk, Animal Attraction
New + Classics 5: Peony
Blog Image
Friday June 20, 2014
POSTED BY: Alexandra Bruno, Marketing Department

The sun is shining today in NYC and we are in the mood for a cheerful and bright combination. Welcome to our final New + Classic of the season, starring Peony in morning bloom front and center! Supporting players from left to right include: Moccasin Stripe in celadon, Do Si Do in aloe, Nip and Tuck in jet stream & Carriage Car in annatto. 

We've just launched our new Jaipur collection, so stay tuned for some more fabulous New + Classics!


TAGS:  New + Classics, Mix and Match, Peony, nip and tuck, do si do, moccasin stripe, carriage car, yellow, green
New + Classics 4: Dashing
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Thursday June 12, 2014
POSTED BY: Alexandra Bruno, Marketing Department

Our VP of Sales Brad refers to this specific group of New + Classics as his "fantasy room in the Swiss Alps!" From left to right: Skywriting in smoke signal, Alpaca Plush in grey flannel, Dashing in silver and sapphire, Heathered Flannel in greige & Odyssey in mercury.

TAGS:  New + Classics, Mix and Match, alpaca plush, skywriting, heathered flannel, odyssey, dashing

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