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Spring 2016: Weave On

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Tuesday February 09, 2016
POSTED BY: Maryanne Solensky

Fans of Americana will recognize our homage to traditional hand-woven dobby coverlets in this collection’s namesake, Weave On, above.  Emphasizing structure and weight, the warp and weft yarns weave in bundles of two to create this timeless geometric motif.  Three colors define a bold, contemporary plaid, accented with single horizontal and vertical rows of a fourth color.

A group from this collection’s blue palette, from the top:  Chime’s rippling motif, so apt for a window fabric, shades from strong forms to faint shadows and is printed on a textured linen and polyester ground.  Eliza extravagantly covers a dense, canvas-weight linen with embroidered circles, matte and lustrous, that align in concentric squares.  Speckle, an existing pattern, broadens its appeal with additional colors.  Sergio sticks to basics in its simple and exaggerated weave structure, allowing the quality of several novelty yarns to be the focus of this tactile design.  Taza translates a primitive Moroccan design traditionally seen in Beni Ourain shag rugs into a refined velvet, touched with a rustic appeal.


Grace (left) poses wide stripes of an elegant multi-yarn striae, varying in color, luster and weight, against equally broad bands of a linen and cotton ground;  an aerial feat of sorts, our double-width Flying Trapeze alternates two filling yarns, with different weights and degrees of shine, to weave crisp geometric columns, layering their rhythm and varied opacity on this sophisticated window fabric.

Our Pure label is represented in this photo, starting at the top with Archaeology.  This silk Jacquard captures an elegant stillness with delicate motifs scattered across its burnished surface like remnants of fossils cast in stone.  Luxe Alpaca opts for a lush approach, with a dense pile that coats the cotton ground with an extravagant fur-like velvet.   The linear graphics of Silken Crossroads, a reversible design, are gently diffused as the lightest and darkest values shift from one to the other through steps of subtle shading.  This lovely soft pink is one of several new colors of Heathered Flannel, an apparel quality and upholstery caliber wool, woven in a fine twill construction.   Flaxen Field grounds this group with the warp’s earthy strands of natural linen, a simple basketweave framework and a uniquely color-rich, multi-fiber novelty yarn in the weft.

The intriguing design of Moon Dance, a double-width window fabric, is printed on the ground cloth with a chemical that ‘burns out’ the natural fibers.  After washing, only the clustered motif of graduated moons remains, with just the sheer filaments of polyester left within the orbs.

Four new designs, all testing to 100,000 double-rubs, join our High Performance / Bleach Cleanable group, from the left:  the glint of metal works its way through Gifted’s contemporary version of a flame stitch.  Coral from the pristine beaches of Vieques takes on a new life in this design’s finely articulated drawing.  Ikebana renders a classic kimono motif of stylized blossoms, with arcing lines forming gracefully overlapping circles.  Polyester chenille blooms on the face of Thoroughfare’s striped design, a welcome texture in this hard working group. 

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