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The Line & Form collection is inspired by the infinite possibilities inherent in designís two most fundamental elements. In these 22 fabrics, POLLACK explores line as both idea and device: lines are drawn, or, more frequently, implied, and full of character. The interrelation of form and line - the way each defines the other - finds expression in the language of pattern, emphasized by definite outlines. Pattern, in the full range of its formal, structural rigor, emerges as the result of a variety of factors, some a matter of technology, others a matter of technique. The linearity of a fill yarn may create the visual rhythm, or the quality of the line might emanate from an intricate weave or the complex textural quality of the yarns. In still other cases, it results from an unusual finishing process or even the way two dyed fibers react to light. While form and line may appear, in a sense, as random, they are indeed the driving forces behind this collection - and, of course, behind design itself.
Accordion 2230

Batik 2231

Bezel 2235

Box Step 2237

Breezy 9123

Chambray Challis 9124

Coulee 2233

Endless Knot 6030

Fer Shirr 4086

Gallery 2232

Gift of Gab 4084

Hill and Dale 4083

Let's Twist Again 4082

Lumina 7515

Musco 7517

Paisley Leaf 2236

Passages 2234

Pleatz 4085

Regatta 2238

Sandstone 7516

Stellar 9125