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Opting for orange? Beguiled by blue? Gravitating towards grey? Flip through our Color Stories to see how we make sense of color.

A New Leaf is a richly varied collection of window fabrics and upholstery designs. Striking Indoor + Outdoor patterns join our earlier introductions, a high-fashion woven faux leather enters the mix and the plush allure of Jacquard-woven chenilles invites indulgence.
A New Leaf 2252

Brushwork 2257

Cabana Check 2260

Cat's Cradle 2256

Coco Sheer 9130

Colorific 5048

Comfy 2259

Contextural 4097

Correggia 4093

Foliage 2253

Garden Gate 4094

Hang Ten 9128

Heavenly 9129

Longitude 1040

Mardi Gras 2254

Maze 2258

Passageway 5047

Poolside Stripe 4096

Pressed Leaves 6031

Ride the Wave 2249

Sailing Stripe 4095

Scintilla 9131

Shutterbug 2255

Starbeam 6032

Tiki 2251

Zither 2250