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Where does fabric inspiration come
from – and then what? For our
perspective on the process of textile
design, visit the Design Studio.

Filled with a wealth of choices, this collection adds fresh faces to the Sustainable and Outdoor categories, chenille and velvet patterns are generously represented, and several large-scale floral designs and a wool felt make their debut. Window fabrics run the gamut from absolutely simple to simply extravagant, while the upholsteries live up to our reputation for offering a unique mix of designs and textures - with each perfectly suited for sophisticated, contemporary interiors.
Basketry 2288

Bouquet 2293

Cascade Sheer 9135

Caterpillar Stripe 2295

Clearview 9138

Edo 6036

Fantasy 9137

Gleam 4108

Heathered Satin 4079

Metallic 9140

Montauk 9139

Natural Selection 2289

Oracle 5053

Pebbly 4109

Prophecy 2287

Radiance 2286

Rave 2296

Software 4111

Splendor 6037

Spring Break 2292

Sumatra 2291

Symmetry 5054

Tech Support 4110

Thatch 2294

Vilano 7522

Zamboni 9910