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Inspiration is often hard to pinpoint and difficult to articulate. That is not the case, however, with twelve designs in POLLACK's new textile collection, alphaPOLLACK. The collection name itself highlights our unique and continuing collaboration with The Alpha Workshops, the New York City not-for-profit design studio that trains and employs people living with HIV/AIDS in the decorative arts. For this July 2008 collection, POLLACK commissioned seven pieces of original artwork to serve as inspiration for its fabrics. In a relationship where, according to Mark Pollack "they design the patterns, we design the fabrics", The Alpha Workshops has printed, drawn and painted patterns that cover a range of energetic territory, from a simple lyrical line to layers of pulsing or swirling color. One common element is that each artwork clearly exhibits the spontaneous hand of the artist, and we have intentionally kept this quality in our twelve interpretations. As with our first Alpha Workshops collection in 1999, a portion of the proceeds from the sales of these fabrics goes to benefit Alpha and support its programs. (www.alphaworkshops.org) The entire alphaPOLLACK collection comprises a total of 31 patterns in 208 colorways, and includes new Sustainable and Indoor + Outdoor designs, as well as a rich selection of surfaces, weaves and patterns.

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Beadwork 4123

Cabochon 5060

Canyon 3017

Circumstance 2312

Dowry 4122

Fetish 9911

Fiddlesticks 2309

Filigree 2311

Glimmer 9149

Glisten 9148

Glyph Matelasse 2305

Glyph Sheer 9146

Glyph Velvet 5058

Heartstring 6042

Heartstring Embroidery 6043

High Jinks 2300

Journey 4121

Magic 9912

Microcosm 2315

Osaka 5059

Palace 6044

Piastrella 2307

Quarry Stones 2308

Rewrite 2304

Skipping Stones 2314

Stepping Stone 6041

Tango 2316

Trellis 2310

Tremolo 2306

Volute 2313

Zest 9147