our new label - pureour new label - pure

We invite you to explore Pure, a
collection of sensuous fabrics, defined
by simplicity and restraint, in a palette
of gentle neutrals.

to the trade - warehouse saleto the trade - warehouse sale

Go on a shopping spree through our
Warehouse Sale, where a selection of
our sophisticated fabrics are available
at discounted prices.

Twenty-seven patterns + one namesake velvet crowd the Modern Times collection with a sophisticated and cohesive group of fabrics. In typical POLLACK fashion, these designs relate to one another - and the rest of our line - with textures, graphics and carefully modulated colors that define creative and exciting options for today's indoor, and outdoor, spaces.

Click on any image below for a close-up look at these designs!
Bark Silk 6005

Cameo 2330

Dapper 1042

Daydream 9154

Downstream 4132

Eden 6049

Fairway 4135

Florasian 2334

Florasian Stencil 2335

Good Omen 4134

Hedgerow 5066

Interweave 2333

Machine Age Velvet 5069

Madura 2331

Mercer 3019

Mermaid 6048

Modern Times Velvet 5068

Natty 4133

Nest 2329

Op 2332

Sanctuary 5067

Snap 2328

Sneak Peek 9153

String Section 5070

Summer House 9156

Traveler 3020

Window Box 9155