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Where does fabric inspiration come
from – and then what? For our
perspective on the process of textile
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There are 14 new introductions for Spring 2011 that are grouped in our Fancy That collection. Demonstrating the craftsmanship, color sophistication and sense of value built into all our textiles, these designs range from the namesake design, a dramatic reversible damask pattern, to a core group of hard-working, cost-conscious fabrics that look far more than the part. Ten new patterns also join our new luxury label, Pure. Each of these pitch perfect designs - from a rustic linen to a gloriously embroidered sheer, from a complex voided velvet to a polished silk and wool Jacquard - delivers a unique aspect, yet all elaborate on the theme of luxurious fibers, classic motifs and a quiet, nuanced color palette.

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Basketwork 4151

Classic Velvet 5086

Element 4148

Fancy That 6058

Feathered Wool 9169

Griddlecake 4150

Impressionist Velvet 5087

Kingdom of Kuba 2350

Manor 6061

Palette 4149

Pillow Plush 5088

Rustic Linen 5081

Shadow Floral 9171

Silk Ribbons 6059

Skylight 9170

Space Odyssey 2349

Squirt 2348

Stipple Velvet 5082

Velvet Rope 4147

Waves of Grain 2351

With the Grain 2347

Wool Grosgrain 5084

Wool Marquetry 1043

Zeal 5083