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Where does fabric inspiration come
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'We Love Color' says it all! This first collection of 2013 brings twenty new designs into our line, along with a playful, thoughtful and refreshing look at color in all its glorious range. With different fibers and constructions, a generous number of solids offer varying canvases for long, rich colorlines. They also act as the perfect punctuation mark - or the perfect background - for other patterns in the collection. Color pairs with sumptuous embroidery in Etched Floral, bubbles up to the surface of Dottie, glows through the dense pile of Crosscut Plush and strikes a deeply sophisticated note in Fleece and Flax - to single out a few. We hope you'll enjoy the collection!

Click on any image below for a close-up look at these designs!
Airbrush 9194

Belle de Jour 9195

Beveled Plush 5103

Carriage Car 5102

Cosmic 5106

Crosscut Plush 5104

Cultured Cotton 9192

Do Si Do 4167

Dottie 2370

Etched Floral 6069

Flaxen Lace 9190

Fleece & Flax 3028

Gesture 2372

Loggia 9191

Mineral 4169

Mosaic Plush 5105

On Target 2371

Ruffle 9193

We Love Color 4168