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Where does fabric inspiration come
from – and then what? For our
perspective on the process of textile
design, visit the Design Studio.

After two years and countless meetings, a unique collaboration between five artists and the Pollack Studio produced the thirteen distinctive fabrics that are the core of this collection. Working in diverse fields, these makers - a glass blower, a ceramicist, a fashion designer, a jeweler and a furniture designer - each brought their unique vision to the process of making textiles. The results are rich in thought and materials; they are complex and innovative; they are beautiful and usable.

Also introduced this fall are six Bleach Cleanable designs which expand our offerings in this area. Ranging from a subtly toned solid to a lyrical stylized floral, these designs make easy-care installations easy to accomplish. The collection rounds out with a total of twenty-six patterns that offer our typically balanced, creative and well-crafted take on textile design.

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Alloy Sheer 9197

Aphrodite 9201

Beam 9196

Berber 4172

Bling 2380

Calligraphy 6071

Divine 9917

Flex 2373

Floriculture 2375

Interplay 9198

Latitude 2377

Marbella 2374

Mirror Mirror 9919

Odalisque 6072

Odyssey 5107

Persueded 9918

Ping Pong 2376

Pulse 9200

Reflector 4170

Skywriting 9199

Smitten 4171

Solo 5108

Wacky 2379

X-Rated 9203

Zeus 9202

Zip It 2378