our new label - pureour new label - pure

We invite you to explore Pure, a
collection of sensuous fabrics, defined
by simplicity and restraint, in a palette
of gentle neutrals.

about pollack - our studioabout pollack - our studio

Where does fabric inspiration come
from – and then what? For our
perspective on the process of textile
design, visit the Design Studio.

Embroidery is a particularly strong theme in this collection, and we are excited to introduce three patterns that are collaborations with Coral & Tusk, the unique company known for their whimsical, narrative embroideries. On a natural linen ground, Circus Stripe, Circus Toile and Quill use delicate stitches to translate their exquisitely fine line drawings to cloth. Approaching from the opposite direction, both Adorn and Impresario use such dense areas of embroidery that the stitches are transformed into lustrous, dimensional embellishments. And then, for sheer exuberance, there's Peony, a silk fabric strewn with large, lush blooms, each beautifully shaded with eight embroidery colors. A total of twenty eight patterns - high performance / bleach cleanable fabrics, velvets, sheers, solids and intricate geometrics - make up this collection, and we invite you to explore them all!

Click on any image below for a close-up look at these designs!
Adorn 6073

Astronaut 5112

Circus Stripe 6078

Circus Toile 6077

Dashing 6074

Fine and Dandy 2384

Fortune 4173

Honeycomb Sheer 9206

Iced Linen 9207

Impresario 6076

Kinetic 2383

Knot Tonight 2388

Medallion Plush 5110

Natural Course 4174

Opening Line 9205

Orb 2387

Peony 6075

Petal Pusher 2385

Quill 6079

Record 9920

Reverb 2386

Soft Touch 4175

Spirographics 2382

Spritzer 2381

Trance 9209

Whirl 5111

Wizard of Gauze 9204