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Opting for orange? Beguiled by blue? Gravitating towards grey? Flip through our Color Stories to see how we make sense of color.

Fusion leads the way into the second half of 2015 with a strong focus on texture. The plaid-on-plaid weave of Bedford is emphatic yet refined, colored and scaled to say 'fashion'. Cobble Hill also has this confident edge, with its rustic blending of thick-and-thin multi-toned yarns. West Coast weaves white with bright for fresh, casual color and the inviting surface of a multi-fiber boucle. And new colors of the perennial favorites Alloy and Sedan Plush take up the call with a fine, glistening texture and the lush depth of a faux mohair velvet. Strong graphics, High Performance fabrics and PURE introductions strike up other themes in this collection of 22 designs. Please take a look!

Click on any image below for a close-up look at these designs!
Alloy 4125

Bedford 4185

Bespoke 1046

Choreography 2409

Cobble Hill 4186

Color Guard 2404

Engagement 5117

Fusion 9225

Magic Eye Velvet 5116

Perspective 4187

Private Eyelet 9224

Punch Line 2407

Punctuation 2406

Satin Melange 9223

Scored Silk 6087

Sedan Plush 5028

Stream of Consciousness 9226

Striptease 4184

Sunrise Linen 9222

The Joy of Hex 2405

West Coast 4188

Zinnia 2408