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Where does fabric inspiration come
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Opting for orange? Beguiled by blue? Gravitating towards grey? Flip through our Color Stories to see how we make sense of color.

This collection introduces Pollack Hospitality, a curated mix of the perfect textures and colors designed to meet the needs of the hospitality market. Eight window fabrics and seven upholsteries—eighty two items total—brilliantly combine a first-class look with performance and price.

There are also, of course, the window and upholstery designs that Pollack is known for. A group of thirty one patterns—studies in exquisite color and surface, explorations of structure, careful work with long-time weaving partners and new mills around the world—brings together a collection that skillfully balances luxury, wear and style. Beautiful natural fibers enrich five PURE designs, embroidered and pieced fabrics deliver charm and freshness, and outdoor designs tilt in a decidedly sophisticated direction.

Click on any image below for a close-up look at these designs!

View the Hopsitality Collection
Airstream 9248

Antwerp 4207

Basic Instinct 4201

Block Party 2445

Charm 6096

Copenhagen 4204

Dappled Velvet 5128

Edinburgh 4205

Entwine 4200

Field Day 2446

Fiji 9255

Finesse 9249

Freestyle 2444

Frida 5129

Geneva 4206

Hammered Silk 6098

Hanoi 9250

King Mohair 5131

Lola 6095

Lure 2442

Madrid 9257

Magic Hour 2438

Malta 9252

Metalsmith 2439

Miami 9251

New Wave 2443

On Deck 4199

Oona 2450

Otaru 9254

Palermo 5130

Piece by Piece 6097

Porto 2447

Prague 4208

Punch Card 9246

Sadie 4202

Santiago 9256

Scotch Flannel 3036

Starboard 2441

Sumi 2448

Sydney 4203

Tailored Twill 3037

Tea Time 2440

Tjanting Stripe 2449

Tulum 9253

Wink 9247

Wool Suited 3038