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Where does fabric inspiration come
from – and then what? For our
perspective on the process of textile
design, visit the Design Studio.

Pollack's Spring 2019 collection, Nature Lab, reflects the ultimate form of inspiration: Nature itself. After the decorative textiles of Never Felt Better (Fall 2018) and the global approach to Folklore (Spring 2018), the Pollack Studio was instinctively pulled in a new direction of organic concepts and essential forms. They explored the earth and its effectsófrom water and air to flowers, leaves and feathersóand translated these elements into textiles that capture the spirit and beauty found within our natural world.

Like a ripple in water, the full introduction takes its name from a capsule collection of six signature designs, which in turn takes its name from one specific fabric. The textile Nature Lab is the namesake and keystone of this capsule collection; also included are Botany, Breezy Point, Current, Songbird and True Horizon. All were inspired by natureís laboratoryósome more distinctly, others more stylistically.

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The latest Pollack Hospitality introduction builds upon our strong and growing collection, now in its second year. Three new upholsteries and three new window fabrics, in a range from luxe patterns to natural-fiber look-alikes, offer Pollack-worthy design in the qualities and prices that the Hospitality market demands.

Pollack Hospitality window fabrics are inherently FR and double width. Most Pollack Hospitality upholstery fabrics pass 100,000 Wyzenbeek. Optional performance finishes are available for an additional charge.

These new Hospitality fabrics blend seamlessly with Pollack signature high-end textiles, which can be mixed in as is, or the Pollack design team will expertly re-engineer them to accommodate the specifics of a particular project, from custom colors to budget constraints.

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Backgammon 2476

Botany 5134

Breezy Point 2481

Buenos Aires 4221

Coco Chenille 4160

Current 2482

Dubai 9276

English Cottage 6103

Falseria 2480

Forager 4225

Game Boy 2474

Heavy Metal 9926

Hide and Seek 2475

Homestead 9275

Lana e Seta 3040

Look-alike 4223

Marrakesh 5133

Meridian Stripe 2479

Moscow 4222

Nature Lab 6105

Pilgrimage 6104

Pop Art 4224

Re-Flex 2477

Rendezvous 9279

Riviera Stripe 2478

Sicily 9278

Socialite 9274

Songbird 5135

True Horizon 6106

Valencia 9273

Whisp 9277

Wild West 9927

Windswept 9272

Wool Buttons 3041

Woolgathering 3042

Yacht Club 4226