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Pollack's Fall 2019 collection, Xanadu, reinforces the mantra of the Pollack Studio: WE ARE WEAVERS..

The collection focuses more on structure and less on motif. There is no romantic theme, no outside collaboration. It is simply Pollack doing what the Studio does best: complex construction, interesting yarns, spot-on colors.

As such, there is an array of perfect Pollack signatures alongside usable-yet-unique textures. Sophisticated Indoor/Outdoor designs, including an Indoor/Outdoor drapery. Plus, six new upholsteries and four new window fabrics join the growing Hospitality line.

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The latest Pollack Hospitality introduction builds upon our strong and growing collection, now in its third year. Six new upholsteries and four new window fabrics, in a range from graphic patterns to luxe surfaces, offer Pollack-worthy design in the qualities and prices that the Hospitality market demands.

Pollack Hospitality window fabrics are inherently FR and double width. Most Pollack Hospitality upholstery fabrics pass 100,000 Wyzenbeek. Optional performance finishes are available for an additional charge.

These new Hospitality fabrics blend seamlessly with Pollack signature high-end textiles, which can be mixed in as is, or the Pollack design team will expertly re-engineer them to accommodate the specifics of a particular project, from custom colors to budget constraints.

View the latest in Pollack Hospitality

Barcelona 2485

Bilbao 2484

Breeze 9282

Brussels 5136

Budapest 4235

Cairo 2489

Cape Town 9280

Capri 9285

Catamaran 2483

Checkmate 3043

Denver 4232

Dress Code 2488

Francesca 4228

Hashtag Wool 9286

Kite Flyer 2490

Malaga 9281

Merriweather 2486

Panama City 9283

Peep Show 5137

Picnic Basket 4229

Pioneer 4234

Playtime 1049

Provenance 4233

Rad Plaid 2487

To Dye For 4236

Topography 2491

Townhouse 9284

Wharf 4230

Xanadu 6107