about pollack - environmental statement

As a textile manufacturer, POLLACK recognizes the importance of designing fabrics that have the smallest possible environmental footprint, during manufacturing, use and at the end of the fabrics' useful cycles. Textiles in our 'green' segment support green building efforts either by using recycled fibers, those from rapidly renewable materials or by adhering to a strictly documented 'cradle to cradle' manufacturing process. Additionally, high performance is designed into many of our fabrics without requiring backings or chemical finishes. European countries, leaders in environmental legislation, are the home of many of our largest suppliers; these mills maintain a high level of compliance with stringent manufacturing regulations pertaining to pollution, waste management, noise reduction and social accountability.

As a responsible company, POLLACK also realizes the need for our daily business practices to reflect our environmental commitment. At our corporate headquarters in New York City and our warehouse in New Jersey, the use of energy efficient lighting, recycled/recyclable shipping materials and a paper and glass/plastic reduction and recycling program are in effect. Fabric samples are reused, or, when discontinued, are donated to schools and non-profit organizations that give them a second life. We see these efforts as first steps, and encourage everyone in our organization to suggest and practice other ways to further reduce our environmental impact.

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