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This collection of twenty-one designs marks our second collaboration with the Museum of Art of the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). Nineteen artifacts from the Muesum's extensive archives, spanning centuries and continents, became the jumping off point for our Studio's creative, innovative and unexpected interpretations of items as varied as Native American Crow Indian moccasins and 18th century Flemish lace, an Ottoman Turkish embroidered towel and American knit stockings from c.1900. The theme that unites this diverse group is that each piece was handmade by women, as was typical in their respective cultures. Throughout much of history, women's worth was often measured by their competency in "needle arts", as dowries worldwide attest. This collection honors this historical "Women's Work" in our modern day exploration of fibers and color, weaves and texture, though we rely on the latest in contemporary manufacturing techniques to articulate today's common thread in beautiful textile design.
A Touch of the Bubbly 1041

Accolade 5013

Astrology 2277

Cascade 2276

Curlycue 2278

Dazzle 6035

Dorothy 4103

Fringe Benefits 9134

Gathering 2274

Groovy 4106

Haberdashery 3015

Hmong Check 2275

Hmong Plush 5051

Knitwork 4104

Legend 2285

Lightning Bolt 2282

Melange 4107

Moccasin Stripe 2279

Mykonos 2280

Naxos 2281

Nip and Tuck 9136

Pastorale 2284

Pattaya Plush 5052

Peachy 2273

Reflection 2270

Spangle 2283