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This tightly edited collection of textiles marks the launch of our third decade. Highlights include Ringtoss, Disc-o, Ring-o, Archetype and Connect the Dots, designs that use the dot or circle as the grammar of pattern language. According to Mark Pollack, "The entire collection evolved from intermixing different surfaces, grounds, yarns, and fibers: nubby wools with linens, or taffetas with velvet. These are simpler fabrics than we've typically done in the past, with more open space in the designs. Many incorporate only two colors, or two weave effects."
Archery 2301

Archetype 2299

Astrakhan 3016

Bukhara 6039

Connect the Dots 6040

Disco 2303

Eddy 9141

Flaximum 4114

Flora 2298

Flow 5057

Glint 4113

High Rise 9143

Interlace 5056

It's a Cinch 4120

Lucky Charms 2302

Lustre 4115

Pageantry 4118

Palio 4117

Ring-o 6038

Ringtoss 9142

Soft Landing 4116

Structure 4119

Sunscreen 9144

Sunscreen Stripe 9145

Wander 2297