our new label - pureour new label - pure

We invite you to explore Pure, a
collection of sensuous fabrics, defined
by simplicity and restraint, in a palette
of gentle neutrals.

about pollack - our studioabout pollack - our studio

Where does fabric inspiration come
from – and then what? For our
perspective on the process of textile
design, visit the Design Studio.

Within this collection of thirty-two striking textiles, New Classics describes a core group of patterns, all related by their crisp, iconic and geometric forms. Metallic yarns and sufaces create another story, while color-drenched solids - in silk, linen, wool, velvet and a non-woven design - fill our "basics" category with superbly crafted options.

Click on any image below for a close-up look at these designs!
Bedrock 2322

Borderline 4126

Cane 7523

Cloudscape 9152

Embassy 5063

Engraving 2321

Flanders 5064

Fleury 2323

Force Field 9151

Good Impression 2318

Inscription 2319

Jardin 2320

Kaleidoscope 6046

Leaf Peeper 2327

Lodge 3018

Oasis 4127

Prosecco 5062

Rebound 4131

Roundelay 2325

Screenery 9913

Scrollplay 2326

Scrollwork 2317

Sea World 2324

Serendipity 6045

Silk Route 6047

Smooth 9914

Spice Market 4128

Starlight Velvet 5061

Tiara 4130

Wellfleet 4129

Wow 4124