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Where does fabric inspiration come
from – and then what? For our
perspective on the process of textile
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Two new collections debut in January 2010: the first designs are launched under our new Pure label, a luxury collection of exquisite fibers in seventeen simple, restrained patterns and subtle, neutral colors. The Tribute collection continues our commitment to bring beautiful, superbly crafted and well-priced fabrics to the hospitality, contract and residential markets. As expected, these fourteen patterns cover a considerable range of design and fiber possibilities, yet they relate to each other as a cohesive group of solids, surfaces and patterns for upholstery, drapery and walls.

Click on any image below for a close-up look at these designs!
Amazement 2338

Animal Attraction 6050

Bamboo Crepe 4141

Bloom 2337

Brushstroke Velvet 5074

Checkered Velvet 5075

Cotton Silk Canvas 6053

Deluxe 9159

Elegance 9160

Estate 6055

Flaxen Satin 4142

Glamour 9161

Goddess 4137

Grounding 4136

Linen Boucle 4140

Linen Raffia 4143

Nestle 4138

Portrayal 9157

Quilted Paisley 6051

Refinement 9162

Rose Matelasse 2340

Shadow Silk 6052

Silk Woodblock 6054

Stratum 4139

Surakarta 2341

Treescape 2339

Tribute 5071

Vector 9158

Woodland 2336

Wool Homespun 3022