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Opting for orange? Beguiled by blue? Gravitating towards grey? Flip through our Color Stories to see how we make sense of color.

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Where does fabric inspiration come
from – and then what? For our
perspective on the process of textile
design, visit the Design Studio.

The core of this large collection is a group of five Indoor + Outdoor fabrics, designed as a collaboration between the Pollack Studio and the acclaimed UK design company A Rum Fellow, where partners Caroline Lindsell and Dylan O'Shea celebrate the heritage of Mayan craft techniques in the hand-woven textiles they bring to market. Our fabrics share the vibrant colors and graphics of these traditional designs, while infusing them with the durability and versatility that our modern lifestyle calls for.

The balance of the collection offers an eclectic menu of fabrics that range from the namesake On the Fringe, a complex, fashion-inspired layering of lustrous embroidery and over-the-top fringe, to the material richness and sophistication of our PURE group. Bundles of Joy touts the finest of weaving skills and Off the Grid combines a modernist color sensibility with the most basic structure of weaving. Four existing patterns get an infusion of new colorways, and our window offerings expand with five innovative designs.

Click on any image below for a close-up look at these designs!
Amaya 2429

Atlas 5126

Bundles of Joy 4197

Cat's Meow 5125

Check Please 3033

Coastline 9241

Common Ground 3034

Corchal 2431

Double Faced Wool 3030

Etiquette 2432

Faceted Silk 6094

Getaway 4198

Heritage 5079

Itza 2430

Legacy 5055

Material Girl 4196

Mazate 2428

Migration 2437

Modern Dance 2433

Night Bloom 9242

Off the Grid 2435

On the Fringe 6093

Riveting 2434

Shape Up 2436

Spectrum 4146

Starman 9243

Tacana 2427

Tailored Wool 3032

Ticker Tape Parade 9245

Tootsie 5127

Tri Out 9244