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We invite you to explore Pure, a
collection of sensuous fabrics, defined
by simplicity and restraint, in a palette
of gentle neutrals.

pollack fabrics - pure

At once sensuous and spare, Pure is POLLACK’s first new product category. As such, it is a distillation of what the company has built its celebrated reputation on: textiles of uncommon beauty that are the result of innovative materials and fine engineering. Pure, however, highlights natural fibers and focuses on nuanced texture over color and pattern; it recognizes the most basic elements of textile design.

Indeed, the common thread in the color and construction of these fabrics is a sense of refinement. The focus is on the quality of fabric; throughout the collection, patterns are restrained, often tone-on-tone; there is nothing extraneous. What remains, of course, is what matters most. Our longstanding relationships with mills throughout the world, as well as in the US, further ensure access to a broad range of weaving techniques, fibers and qualities. As is consistent in all our textiles, an inventive use of materials and innovative weaves results in unexpected structures and surfaces: the combination of bamboo yarns and alpaca in the weft dances with light; a wool flannel appears simple until subtle striations of weave and color become apparent; an oversized silk paisley is embroidered tone-on-tone, appearing at once to be both lavish and minimal.

The fabrics have a consistently satisfying surface, weight and feel. They ask to be handled; they invite touch. Not surprisingly, then, they also have numerous applications for the high-end residential market, whether in upholstery and pillows, window treatments or wallcoverings.  The colorways are soft and lean to neutrals. Even the names of the fabrics - Alpaca Plush, Feathered Flax, Heathered Flannel - have a clarity and directness that reflects the straightforward sensibility of the entire collection.

The visual restraint of these textiles is such that they ask to be combined and layered with one another. Yet Pure invites not just a combination of fabrics, but a fusion of lustrous with matte, smooth with textured, opaque with transparent, elegant with rustic. Which is to say, as subtle as this collection may be, it also offers a broad range of design expressions.

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